Holiday Drink Feature: Golden Egg Nog Latte

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I LOVE sweets. I love being surrounded by all of the peppermint bark and pie and syrupy lattes this time of year. But I also love fueling my body with things that nourish it everyday. One of my favorite life hacks is finding ways to make healthy alternatives out of my favorite comfort foods, swapping out a few ingredients here and there so that I never feel like I'm depriving myself. ;)

I've also recently started a nightly ritual of making golden milk (SO many health benefits and SO comforting to sip on at night!), and discovered a way to enhance my golden milk recipe for the Holiday season. So, with Christmas festivities right around the corner, I wanted to share my adapted egg nog recipe, full of good stuff to keep your body glowing, while also giving you all the comforting feelings of a little holiday indulgence!



- 1 cup egg nog (I use Califia Farms "Holiday Nog" to keep it dairy-free)
- 1 heaping tsp Gaia golden milk blend
- 1 tsp maple syrup, honey, or stevia to sweeten

Whisk all ingredients together over the stove until hot. For extra buttery goodness, melt 1 or 2 tsps of ghee (the traditional golden milk way!) in a skillet before stirring in egg nog and other ingredients.

*Add a dash of cinnamon for extra anti-inflammatory properties if desired!

Serve and enjoy! 

Happy Holidays!

Finding Inspiration in a Dry Season

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As a freelancer and business owner, I’ve been spending the past few years really trying to find balance between creating work for other people and designing for myself. With most of my time spent during the day on client projects, I often find myself left creatively exhausted by night- like the design fuel in my tank is completely empty, and I have nothing left to pour out. When this happens, I often find myself heading to my computer at night, desperately seeking ways to renew my creative energies... only to continue on a hamster wheel of looking at what other people are creating, rather than finding new ways to inspire myself...

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.22.29 PM.png

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that "pin"-spiration is not inspiration. To be honest, it's taken me about 3 years to figure that out. Of course, I love Pinterest. But I've found that more often than not, when I look to Pinterest to give me some sort of inspiration, I end up in the same place I started (sometimes hours later), with a blank stare and no real motivation to create something of my own.

That's because Pinterest and all of the magic on the internet is for curating, not creating. It's for collecting work that other people have done in an effort to add value to some aspect of your life. Of course, I've found lots of ways to decorate my gallery walls there (along with plenty of suppers to impress my family with). But for me, I'm interested in the creating part- making something out of nothing- and have been learning how to bring new vision into my life and work I'm making.

When I look away from what other people are doing and into my own experiences and surroundings, I find the most motivation to start planting and cultivating. And that has been the place that has gotten me out of the dry, deserted area in my work.

So, after much seeking and learning, I found a few of the most impactful things that bring me fresh vision and artistic motivation:

1 - Looking at the old to create something new. Old books. Old historic sites. Old architecture... there's so much inspiration to take in from the past. I have been inspired more by old lettering on paint-peeling buildings than I have from any blog on the internet.

2 - Hanging out with other creative-minded people. ...Because when other people are excited about the work they're creating, it encourages you to get excited about making things, too.

3 - Going somewhere out of the ordinary. My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood in our city, and we're so much closer to exciting restaurants and amazing parks and little outdoor markets that we've never been to before. With so much left to explore, I decided that this month, it's my goal to make it at least one place a week I haven't been before (of course, not including all the enticing restaurants around us...).

As I'm coming out of a period of feeling like I've been on the hamster wheel- wandering in circles through the wilderness and feeling creatively dry- I'm trying to be more intentional about spending my time enriched in new experiences around me, while also finding inspiration in the things I'm surrounded by that I may have been overlooking all this time. I'm determined to be intentional about getting out of the internet each day and into the richness of the place I'm in at this point in my journey.

...Which reminds me of a quote I recently found in an old journal:

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." -Marcel Proust

May you go out inspired. ♡


Daydreaming about Morocco...

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One of the travel destinations topping my bucket list right now is the beautiful Morocco. I see pictures of Marrakech everywhere and can’t get enough of its decorative architecture with a mesh of exotic colors, ornamental detailing, and rich textile patterns. 

This Moroccan admiration of mine has heavily influenced my style and design work, especially in my recent fabric wedding collections. When I was originally brainstorming designs for wedding invites, I went on a fabric hunt and fell in love with all sorts of bohemian pom fabric pieces (as seen on my Moroccan invites ♥). I’ve always had a thing for texture and pattern and fringe- and love adding these elements to my home interior as well. Two of my favorite home purchases were actually Moroccan-inspired pieces, like this plush rug I bought for my entryway and these beaded throw pillows (similar) for my living room.

In perfect timing with my current Marrakech obsession, BHLDN just launched their new Spring collection of wedding dresses, and their recent shoot took place in Morocco amidst a stunning Oasis setting. I guess there’s just something romantic about the region with its pink desert hues, cozy courtyards, and intimate archways and spaces…

Until my travel aspirations come true, a girl can dream!  

image via  BHLDN

image via BHLDN

A few of the dreamy images from my own inspiration board:

image via  Local Milk Blog
image via  Ohh Couture

image via Ohh Couture

images via  BHLDN

images via BHLDN

Check out my Moroccan-inspired invites here

Wedding Guide: My Top 4 Style Trends for 2017

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If there's one thing I know from getting married, it's that styling the details of your wedding day can be overwhelming. Between Pinterest, Instagram, and Bridal magazines, I remember getting so caught up in all of the dreamy inspiration I was collecting, that I finally had to sit down and make a board of the things that truly embodied my own personal style.

Over the past month, as I've been designing wedding invitations & suites for future brides, I've realized the importance of identifying a common theme around the big day. Not only does this help center and bring together the details of a wedding, but I believe that the most beautiful, memorable weddings are the ones that deeply express a bride's unique personality and style.

So, whether you're a bride-to-be or are helping plan a loved one's nuptials, I want to share a few of the styles and details that I'm currently admiring (and have also influenced some of my own collections!):


images via Weddbook, PopSugar, Pinterest

images via Weddbook, PopSugar, Pinterest


images via, Brit & Co, Pinterest

images via, Brit & Co, Pinterest


images via Style Me Pretty, Pinterest, BHLDN, The Lane

images via Style Me Pretty, Pinterest, BHLDN, The Lane


images via Real Weddings, Vogue, Fab You Bliss, Brit & Co, Gold Wedding Shoes

images via Real Weddings, Vogue, Fab You Bliss, Brit & Co, Gold Wedding Shoes

Now, happy weekend and happy wedding planning!


My Last-Minute Creative Gift Guide

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Hello and happy Monday before Christmas! If you're anything like me, today is the day for organizing my gift list (procrastinators unite!) and heading out in the seasonal shopping madness. Although I secretly love grabbing a coffee and running around in the chaos and mobs of fellow frantic shoppers, I am also OCD about making my Christmas list on my "Reminders"  app... and checking it twice (and lots of times after that).

Although it's SO convenient and tempting to grab gift cards as I'm out doing my shopping, I try to brainstorm thoughtful gifts for my friends and family- gifts that are hands-on, add beauty to their lives, and serve a long-term purpose.

So, with Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year right around the corner, here are my TOP GIFT PICKS for the trendy and creative people in your life:

1. Day Designer Planner $59
Hands-down my favorite planner ever! Each planner lays out a daily to-do list, an hourly schedule, daily goals, inspirational quotes... you get the picture. I love it because it helps me focus my priorities for the day while also having a beautiful, vibrant layout.
>> I love the "Sweet Geo" design from the Flagship Collection, but you can also find cheaper editions at Target and free printables on

2. Mobile Lens Kit $22
An Urban Outfitters exclusive, this kit is an awesome unisex gift that includes 3 distinct lenses: fish eye, wide angle, and macro. It's perfect for both the amateur and advanced smartphone photographer, and is easy to pack for traveling!

3. Belle Calligraphy Starter Set $30
This complete calligraphy starter kit (including ink, lined sheets, etc) is great for those looking to take a stab at calligraphy or improve their formal writing skills. It also makes a unique gift for a bride-to-be or your DIY, Pinterest-obsessed BFF (we all have one, right?!). 

4. Sensu Stylus Paintbrush $40 - Also available at Blick Art Materials stores and on
My husband got this for my birthday last year, and I use it ALL THE TIME, including for my own stationery designs and art prints. I love using this on my iPad with the app "Procreate," where i can directly save my art and pull into Photoshop on my computer. A great tool for digital painting and taking a nice break from your mouse!

5. Rifle Paper Co. Kitchen Recipe Box $34 or at Anthroplogie and Paper Source stores.
This classic recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. is one of my all-time favorites for the cooking enthusiast. With an old-school tin design and recipe cards included, it is both handy and convenient while providing a decorative element to your kitchen counter.

6. Christian LaCroix London Journal $20
As a religious morning journal writer, I love getting fresh journals with each new season in my life. I especially love really decorative styles from other artists and designers, like this artful collab from Chronicle Books and Christian LaCroix. Let the British Invasion begin!

7. "Do One Thing Every Day that Centers You" Book $12.95 (and under)
Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and about a million other places...
Following the journal/diary trend, I'm obsessed with this series of life-guides that remind you each day to reflect, slow down, and appreciate the little things in life. Check out their other books, including: "Do One Thing Every Day that Centers You" and "Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You" (by Robbie Rogge and Dian G. Smith).

And last but not least,

8. Monogram Stationery Set (from me!) $22
My hand-painted stationery set, personalized with custom ribbon-script lettering, works as a great stocking stuffer or personal gift for moms, sisters, and girlfriends. I can't tell who I've already placed gift orders for (it's a Christmas secret!), but I love these because they can be used for any occasion- even after the holidays!


Hope this list gives you some original and thoughtful gift ideas while you're wrapping up your holiday shopping, and most importantly- hope you have the merriest Christmas weekend!


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Ahh, autumn hues. This time of year, I'm inspired by all of the colors surrounding the seasonal harvests, warm tones of falling leaves, and the natural shift into deeper, more masculine shades.

While living down South last year, I realized how much I take for granted living in a city surrounded by the shifting colors of the season. Don't get me wrong- being an hour from the ocean and experiencing 75 degree winters weren't anything to complain about... but I missed the feeling of crunchy, burnt leaves on the ground and the smell of brisk, bonfire weather outside. 

With ankle boots and spiced coffee in tow (I'll admit- it's way too warm for these things today), I'm happily embracing being home in this Midwestern November. :)



Over the past few weeks, I've been looking for new color inspiration in photos from some of my favorite websites and magazines. I periodically do this to create a color/inspiration/mood board collage- one that I keep saved on my computer desktop and pull colors from when designing. This practice not only keeps my designs fresh, but also keeps me from resorting back to the same old colors that I naturally gravitate towards.


I also love keeping specific color palettes on my computer for seasonally styling my home (like in pillows and festive decorations), when hunting for new beauty products (especially lip and nail colors), and for reference when I'm shopping for special occasion/wardrobe pieces.

With fall slowing down and winter near, I want to share a few of my favorite color tones of the season, including a few I've been designing my own paper products with:

If you like this palette, you can download it here for your own DIY and creative projects this season!

You can also find more photos I've been collecting on some of my seasonal Pinterest boards here.


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Hello and welcome!

I'm so excited to introduce you to my "Faire" blog- a place where I plan to share my creative work and also inspire you in all areas design, lifestyle, and culture. :)

As a girl who loves hunting for design & style inspiration (whether it's for my digital work, my wardrobe, or the interior of my home), I love finding trinkets and bits of inspiration in local shops and charming new places. My plan for this blog is to share my online "journal" with you, full of the things I admire and cherish, in hopes that you might come along this journey with me in living a more creative, purposeful, and beautiful life.

So, a little bit about me...

My name is Katie and I am a graphic designer living and working in St. Louis, MO, with my husband Jon and our two pups, Beau & Chip. My background is a little bit all over the board, but primarily consists of work in social & digital advertising, wedding design, and freelance print & digital marketing. When I'm not designing on my computer, I love painting flowery things, scouring through fashion spreads (2 words: Grace. Coddington.), cooking (one of the most rewarding creative outlets!), and styling the interior of my home (basically all neutral EVERYTHING).

After a year of living down South and having the opportunity to travel to some amazing new cities, we recently moved back to the Midwest, and it feels SO so good to be rooted back in our hometown. 

Although it's 2016 and I’m just now diving into this blogging thing (with the exception of a Tumblr account in 2010...), I've been wanting for so long now to create a place for other creatives, entrepreneurs, and lovers of design to gather for inspiration, words of encouragement, and see the latest goods and pieces I've been collecting and working on.

With lots of clever help from my husband, I named this site (and soon-to-be!) online shop after the French verb "Faire" (meaning "to make" or "to be"), combined with the English word "Market" (a gathering place for buying and selling goods). Hence the concept of a "maker" or "artisan's" market, where I hope that fellow designers and style-aficionados will connect, find inspiration, and check out the work I've been up to!

I'm crazy excited to start this shop and blogging journey, and hope you follow along on the ride with me!

With love,