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Ahh, autumn hues. This time of year, I'm inspired by all of the colors surrounding the seasonal harvests, warm tones of falling leaves, and the natural shift into deeper, more masculine shades.

While living down South last year, I realized how much I take for granted living in a city surrounded by the shifting colors of the season. Don't get me wrong- being an hour from the ocean and experiencing 75 degree winters weren't anything to complain about... but I missed the feeling of crunchy, burnt leaves on the ground and the smell of brisk, bonfire weather outside. 

With ankle boots and spiced coffee in tow (I'll admit- it's way too warm for these things today), I'm happily embracing being home in this Midwestern November. :)



Over the past few weeks, I've been looking for new color inspiration in photos from some of my favorite websites and magazines. I periodically do this to create a color/inspiration/mood board collage- one that I keep saved on my computer desktop and pull colors from when designing. This practice not only keeps my designs fresh, but also keeps me from resorting back to the same old colors that I naturally gravitate towards.


I also love keeping specific color palettes on my computer for seasonally styling my home (like in pillows and festive decorations), when hunting for new beauty products (especially lip and nail colors), and for reference when I'm shopping for special occasion/wardrobe pieces.

With fall slowing down and winter near, I want to share a few of my favorite color tones of the season, including a few I've been designing my own paper products with:

If you like this palette, you can download it here for your own DIY and creative projects this season!

You can also find more photos I've been collecting on some of my seasonal Pinterest boards here.


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Hello and welcome!

I'm so excited to introduce you to my "Faire" blog- a place where I plan to share my creative work and also inspire you in all areas design, lifestyle, and culture. :)

As a girl who loves hunting for design & style inspiration (whether it's for my digital work, my wardrobe, or the interior of my home), I love finding trinkets and bits of inspiration in local shops and charming new places. My plan for this blog is to share my online "journal" with you, full of the things I admire and cherish, in hopes that you might come along this journey with me in living a more creative, purposeful, and beautiful life.

So, a little bit about me...

My name is Katie and I am a graphic designer living and working in St. Louis, MO, with my husband Jon and our two pups, Beau & Chip. My background is a little bit all over the board, but primarily consists of work in social & digital advertising, wedding design, and freelance print & digital marketing. When I'm not designing on my computer, I love painting flowery things, scouring through fashion spreads (2 words: Grace. Coddington.), cooking (one of the most rewarding creative outlets!), and styling the interior of my home (basically all neutral EVERYTHING).

After a year of living down South and having the opportunity to travel to some amazing new cities, we recently moved back to the Midwest, and it feels SO so good to be rooted back in our hometown. 

Although it's 2016 and I’m just now diving into this blogging thing (with the exception of a Tumblr account in 2010...), I've been wanting for so long now to create a place for other creatives, entrepreneurs, and lovers of design to gather for inspiration, words of encouragement, and see the latest goods and pieces I've been collecting and working on.

With lots of clever help from my husband, I named this site (and soon-to-be!) online shop after the French verb "Faire" (meaning "to make" or "to be"), combined with the English word "Market" (a gathering place for buying and selling goods). Hence the concept of a "maker" or "artisan's" market, where I hope that fellow designers and style-aficionados will connect, find inspiration, and check out the work I've been up to!

I'm crazy excited to start this shop and blogging journey, and hope you follow along on the ride with me!

With love,