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Contact Phone Number
I hereby authorize The Faire Market to use photographs taken of my clients for wedding invitations and paper-related goods, giving them the right to reproduce and print high-resolution images from both the engagement and wedding photography sessions. *
I agree that The Faire Market may use my photographs for promotion on both their website and social media channels as they pertain to wedding invitations and paper goods designed by The Faire Market. *
I acknowledge that giving The Faire Market the rights to these photographs for design purposes is a voluntary gesture and will not be financially compensated in any way. *
I agree that The Faire Market may purchase and order my wedding photographs (of stationery, invitations, and other paper goods) for promotion on their website and social media channels. *
I understand that The Faire Market will not alter or edit my photographs in any way for print or digital purposes, and will credit the photographer (myself) when posting these photos to their social media channels. *
I agree that by signing this contract electronically, my signature has the same legal enforcement as a written signature and is honored in the same way. *
This release and the rights and duties of the parties under it are governed by the laws of the state of Missouri. *
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